Leaning on a recipe you know and love is a great start to making fast and easy meals for your family. But even a favourite, same-old dish needs some new life from time to time with a different pairing. What better time to refresh meal-planning than with springtime vegetables that are not only quick to prepare but also add fantastic flavour and colour to the plate. Just in case you’re still not sure how to use these fresh veggies, here are some ideas to help you spring ahead and re-ignite your cooking tableau.


* ASPARAGUS: Broil with tomatoes, garlic and olive oil; stir them into a brown arborio rice risotto; sprinkle them into a frittata with fresh mint.

* ARTICHOKES: Stuff them with parsley, celery and garlic; grill them in a zesty marinade; chop them into a soup with other springtime greens.

* BEETS: Roast them in a balsamic dressing; stuff them in a ravioli; grate them into a salad.

* FAVA BEANS: Whirl them in a food processor with light goat’s cheese for a creamy dip; Toss them in a skillet with fresh green peas, onion and mint.

* GREEN PEAS: Add them into a tomato sauce for some welcome sweetness; layer then into a traditional lasagna.

* ARUGULA: Top it onto a pizza crust; pulse it into a pesto and smother over whole-grain pasta.

* MUSHROOMS: Fill them with a whole-grain bread stuffing, grill them and top them onto a slice of grilled polenta; stir them into a barley risotto.

* CAULIFLOWER: Toss it into a tomato-based soup; purée it into a creamy potato-leek soup; dip it into a pastella and sauté it with fresh herbs and red onions.